Sound in Software Design
Presented by Adriana Fernandez

History of Sound:

1937—“Alec H. Reeves patents PCM (pulse code modulation). PCM encodes analog audio data into digital format.
1962-PCM is utilized for the first time in audio transmission.
1972-Nippon Columbia uses PCM to create an audio recording.
1981—Philips introduces the CD.
1985—WGBH radio in Boston, MA offers the first live digital audio broadcast.
1988-CDs surpass LPs in sales for the first time.
1995—Microsoft releases Windows Media Player and RealNetworks develops RealAudio. is founded.
1999-Mr. Shawn Fanning found Napster.
2001—Courts order Napster to block searches for copyrighted music files.” …….

Scientific Definition of Sound:

"Sound is defined as the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium."

Description of the Topic:
Sound is a very important element in software design

Why is sound important in software design?